Culinary Business Internships

We believe our internship Initiatives are life changing.

To the best of our knowledge we have pioneered a new innovative approach to serving youth holistically. We found the teens of single parented homes in the City of Newburgh to have immense needs both socially and academically. This leaves them roaming the streets unaccompanied looking for something to do and struggling to find work. Most of them have a great need for alternative career ideas, healthy role models to come along side of them, believe in them, help them become job-ready and spur them on to a greater vision for a brighter future. Our culinary/business Initiatives target the needs that youth have who come from poorer neighborhoods in the inner-city of Newburgh. THE CHILDREN IN THESE SINGLE PARENTED HOMES FACE HIGHER STRESS LEVELS THEN THEIR TWO PARENT HOUSEHOLDS PEERS DUE TO FOOD AND ECONOMIC INSECURITY. We have found that single parented homes without cars will depend on corner stores for groceries that stock less-healthy processed and prepared foods. Our culinary/business training aims to teach youth to prepare healthier meals with a greater variety of foods along with a business twist. They become more job ready, which in turns gives them a greater vision for financial stability. NGTF’s business training for youth has proved to give a young person a greater vision and value for their future as well as life skills training. It turns their focus off the streets and moves them from hopelessness to a desire to have a better future for themselves and their families. When the youth of our city are engaged in activities that cultivate different desires outside of what they see daily in the streets, they tell us “it radically changes their perspective” and promotes vision for their future which in turn helps Newburgh to become a better place.

Internships are power packed and 6 week long.